Who are we: pen pals? (Our friends from USA)!!!!!
Who are we: pen pals?  (Friends from USA)

Some of our pen pals  are from the United states of America. They live in a small town St. Helena, California,  which is about an hour away from San Francisco.    They are 11 years old and they study in the 6th grade.

 St.Helena, California

Our pen pals  live in a small town in California. It is called St.Helena, 65 miles north of San Francisco.  Their hometown is surrounded by vineyards and mountains. It is known for  their wine and agriculture. The population is only 6,000 people. In December here winter started and they had  the first rains. Saint Helena is located in Northern California, a place which has some of the best weather in the entire world. It is never particularly hot (as it often is in Southern California) and it is never particular cold (as it can be in some of the more mountains regions of the state). The average summer high temperature is about 32 degrees even during the hottest month (which is July). The average winter low temperature stays above zero even during the coldest month (which is January).

School of our pen pals

Our pen pals go to  the RLS (Robert Louse Stevenson) Middle School. It is a public school located in Saint Helena, CA.  It is called so after a famous writer, who wrote a book treasure Island. There are about 350 students at school. They have eight classes: English, math, Spanish, physical exercises, history, geography, science and Video Tech. Their marks are A- very good, B – good, C – satisfactory, F – failure, bad. In science they are ready for an exciting field trip to the California Academy of Sciences.  Their focus will be earthquakes.  In history they are making a project about Egypt, Pyramids, mummies, Sphinx, Egyptology and so on. Their next theme will be Greece.

Holidays in the USA

One of the main holidays is Thanksgiving Day. It is the fourth Thursday of November and  our pen pals from California  have a  week off.  Thanksgiving Day is when a group of people get together and have a celebration with lots of food.  Some of them normally go to their aunts, some go to grandpas, play football and eat dinner which usually includes a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing salad and gravy, green beans and apple pie.

One more important  holiday is  Christmas. The Americans celebrate it on December 25.They have Christmas break which  starts on the 14th of December and finishes in 2weeks.They also go the relatives, have tasty food,  turkey and stuffing, make ginger bread which they eat  on Christmas.



He moved from New  Jersey to California. He  has  a sister and four cousins. All his family except him, his  mom,  dad and his sister live in New Jersey. New Jersey is all the way across the country and he only sees  them in summer holidays  for 2 weeks. He has  6 pets, a turtle, a dog, and 4 cats.

On Christmas he  wants  to get  a new bike. 



The members in his family are Jimmy, Becky, his sister Maddy, his dog Daisy and  cats Romeo and Puck. His hobbies are soccer, basketball, playing with his toys and driving his  golf cart. For fun he draws or plays outside. His  favorite subject is English. He  prefers  reading over computer games. His  favorite season is winter. He  has lots of friends but some of them don't get along with all the time.

His favorite food is Mexican food and American food. His  best friends are Spencer, Kellen, and Francis.

His  favorite football player is Robert Griffen III. His favorite baseball player is Sergeo Romo, he plays for the San Francisco Giants. If we came to California he would bring us to Alcatraz, because there are  some of the worst criminals.



He has  one brother named Thomas and one sister named Gemma and a mom named Cecilia and a dad named David. His hobbies are soccer, baseball, swimming and football. He has been at a state cup soccer tournament.  It was really fun and awesome because they got to play under the lights and on turf. The games were at 6 o'clock P.M. They didn't get home from the games until 9 o' lock.

He plays those sports all year round. He has two homes one in Australia and one in America. He has one in Australia because  his family used to live in Australia but moved to America.  They have had their  American house for 11 years and still live here. In  America  he just ended  his soccer season that has been going on for some months.

His  favorite one is definitely video tech because students  always doing a project and the stuff that they  do could help in life. He is  exited for December because it will be his  birthday on the 8th then Christmas on the 25th. On his last  birthday he had his  last soccer game in Santa Rosa. This year on the day after Christmas his  dad, cousin and he are  going to drive seven hours to San Diego to pick up a boat for fishing.

Gabriel Roché.


His mom's name is Debi, his dad's name is Michael, his sisters  areTalia and Camille. He  enjoys playing football with his friends, he is  also in a school  swim team. He  has a cat and 3 fishes.  He  lives  on a street called Sunnyside Rd  enjoys going to his grandpa’s house who has 9 acres of property. He  has sheep  and 4 dogs.  He  also enjoys his  family's cabin.



He  really likes basketball, it is one of his favorite sports.  Football is that other sport that he likes. His  favorite food for sure is pizza! His  hobby is to go outside and play. He  likes  video games, it is one of his hobbies just not a common one. He is a  sort of people who  likes to read but not much. His favorite color is blue . His  favorite holiday is Christmas, he  doesn't really have a favorite movie cause he doesn't spend much time watching them.