Who are we : pen pals ? (Our friends from Spain)

Who are we : pen pals ? (Our friends from Spain)

Our pen pals from Spain live in Catalonia, in a small town Palau d’Anglesola.  They are  the students of the 6th grade.


He is  11 years old. He hasn’t got any brothers. His favourite animal is a dog and his favourite food is spaghetti. He likes sport, especially football and his  favourite football team is Barcelona.  In his  free time Josep listens to CD's and plays on the computer. His  favourite game is MINECRAFT and his favourite song is "PSY Gangam Style".


She is  11 years old. She has   got an elder sister. She also likes football and her favourite football team is Barça. In her  free time  Julia listens to music. At the weekend  she plays  with her  friends and they like to run. She can  speak Catalan, Spanish and English. Next year  Julia will go to La Salle, in Mollerussa (a town next Palau). She likes different types of song.

Carla.JPG Carla2.JPG
She is  11 years old. She has got  one brother and his name is David. Her  mother’s name is Marta and her father’s name is Oscar. She doesn’t have any hobby, but she  loves reading.    She does not like science fiction books and  prefer adventure and intrigue. She reads  at night. Her fauvorite book is DIARY. It is about  a boy, who wants to be famous and has some problems in everyday life. The author of this  book is Greg Heffley.  Her favorite film is EL NIÑO CON EL PIJAMA DE RALLAS,  in English it is A Child With Stripes Pyjamas. She likes sport and her favorite sport is football.  Her  favourite food is canalonis, it is Spanish national dish. Carla’s  favorite animal is dog but she hasn’t  got any.

This  is Gerard.

He is 11 years old, he has a sister, her name's Alba. His  favorite sports are basketball and football.He speaks Catalan, Spanish and English. He hasn't got any pets. But his  favorite  animal is an eagle.


He is also 11 years old and he likes to play computer games. His favourite computer game is MINECRAFT, and GRAND THEFT AUTO VICE CITY or SAN ANDREAS. He has a sister. She likes to dance.

He is  11 years old.  He hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. In the evening, he rides his  bike. He likes  to play football and his  favorite football team is F.C.BARCELONA. In his free time  he  listens to music  on mp3 “SPY Gangam Style”. His  favorite animal is iguana. He  speaks Catalan, Spanish and English.

Our penpals’ place of living

Our penpals  live in Spain, in Catalonia. Its capital and largest city is Barcelona.  Our friends  live in Palau d´Anglesola, province Lleida. It is  two hours from the Pyrenees  and two hours from the beach.  Palau d´Anglesola is a small town. There is a church, a school, a train station, two supermarkets. There isn´t a cinema. In Palau 'Anglesola  there are two thousands habitants. It's smaller than Russia!! There is a tradition at that place to make a human castle, a castell. These people are called castelleres. They build  a human tower  traditionally in festivals. At these festivals, several teams make a tower's structure. In Catalonia a traditional corrida was forbidden, because it is a very cruel show. In Catalonia, there are a lot of people that want to be independent.

Our penpals’ school

Our penpals study at school. Their  school's name is Arnau Berenguer.  In school  there are 200 children and in their 6 class there are 20 students.   Their school is green and it means they help nature and environment.  One of their favourite subject is sport. Their favourite  sport is football. They have  got very good teachers in all classes. Their  school is divided into two buildings, one is for  the smallest  students  and the other building is  for older students. We want to have good marks and our friends want to have good marks too. But they have different system of marks. When we have five,   they have  EX-exellent or  NOT-notable,  their B-bé means good and it is our 4,  SUF-suficient  means  our 3  and IN- insufficient is our 2.