Friendship knows no boards!!!!!
In 2002, the cooperation agreement was signed between the towns Chernyakhovsk - Kirchheimbolanden (Germany), in the framework of this contract it has been agreed to have the international exchange of students. In 2010, the director of the Gymnazium №2 A.D. Yasyuchenya and director Nordpfaltsgimnazium Adolf Paul signed the agreement of friendship and cooperation between  Nordpfaltsgymnazium ( Kirhaimbolanden) and Gymnasium № 2 (Chernyakhovsk).

International student exchange program has been held for several years and gives young people the opportunity to live in families . Through active participation in the life of the host family and school, students begin to speak fluently English and  German, make friends and gain understanding of German culture , overcoming common stereotypes . Knowledge of English and German languages ​​ and the ability to see the world through the perspective of another culture expanded world view of participants and offer them new ways in education and professional development.
 Friendship formed during the exchange program  is often supported in the future. By participating in this exchange, we got another opportunity to make friends, learn customs, to feel a part of another world.

Friendship bridges connect our gуmnazium and Nordpfaltsgymnazium from Germany, from the town of Kirchheimbolanden . This year in September, we had guests . The program was very interesting. Together with the students from Germany we worked on the project " Youth 21 . What is it ? "
Very warm atmosphere in the room, gathered here students, teachers and parents .
Bright collages , songs about friendship , stories about their hobbies do not leave anyone indifferent.
Such projects are always interesting . First, it is always the  meeting of different schools , traditions and  cultures. Second - they are important in the development of international cooperation.
The project was carried out interesting excursions especially in our town. The students visited Insterburg Castle , the historical museum . We admired the beauty of the Baltic Sea in Svetlogorsk , visited the amber pyramid and learned how to extract amber, learnt about the history of Konigsberg by visiting Friedland Gate .

Students took part in  music classes, speaking  English language. During the meeting with the mayor students shared their impressions about the town.

We think that the German students came home with new ideas, plans, impressions, and we made ​​new friends, and once again convinced in the truth of the words "Friendship knows no boarders. Friendship bridges are being built by people for the future. "