E-mail dialogue!!!!!
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We’ve learnt a lot about our friends from the USA state Taxes Alvin.

They  are Texans. They are country. They have southern twangs. Texas is the Lone Star State; the 2nd largest state in the US.

Harby is haunted! They are the only school with Kickstart Karate. They have a time capsule.

Their favourite songs: Gangnam Style, Cruise by Florida Georgia Line, What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, Inondable by Jenny Rivera.

They have special holidays and traditions: Go Texas Day; Mardi Gras; The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

After school they play soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, swimming, track & field.

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Our photos from this project


We are speaking  with cowboy

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We introduce our pen pals

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Christmas scones. Help yourself!

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